Going to Build a Chicken Coop From Red Wood

coop and runI will be getting more hens for my chickens soon and I am really excited. I have already bought the Chicken Coop Plans DIY that I am going to use and only need to get the wood that I will be using. I will be testing out a new wood that and will be talking more about that in the post below. First, I want to say that I will be adding 5 more hens to my backyard. My friend convinced me to get more so I can sell the eggs at the farmers market.

I think this will be a great ideal since I love having chickens and being paid to have them would be even better reason to have them. I will try to get my new hutch set up by next month, so I will have everything ready for the new year. I will also be reading books about starting a chicken farm, so the business is successful. I can’t wait for the new year to begin now.

Today is the first time I will be using red wood for my chicken hutch. I found some pretty useful blueprints from that said I should be using a wood that doesn’t rot so easily. This will mean that my coop will last longer and I can keep my chickens safer. They will be safer since there will be less spots predators can enter.


I have heard of many people who lost there whole flock due to their chicken house being poorly built. I want to make sure this doesn’t happen, so I will be taking full precautions. One of the things that I will be doing is adding a fence around my yard. This will ultimately make it harder for anything to attack my hens. The main thing I would have to worry about then are hawks.

I will be learning more tips as these from Kenny. The website has a lot of information about raising chickens that I can use to make my chickens safer.