Family Trip to Potawatomi Zoo

zooToday was a new and exciting for me and my family. We all went on a trip to South Bend, IN to check out Potawatomi Zoo. The zoo as recently made some improvements and I was paid to travel there to make sure everything was up to par. I usually am sent to other zoos to make sure the animals have the proper space and the animal enclosures are properly made. I was able to bring my family along this time, since Potawatomi zoo, is only 2 hours away, which is enough time to travel back home at a decent time.

Once we got to the zoo, I noticed they did make some big improvements. The first thing that I noticed was the white tiger enclosure has a lot more space and the tiger appeared to be happier with the improvements. My two boys really liked the white tiger as well, since we don’t have one at the zoo in Chicago. The best thing was that they tiger was pretty active, since we went earlier in day around feeding time. We were the only ones allowed in the zoo at the time, besides the other workers.

Another thing that I noticed at the zoo, was they improved the farm animal section. Last time I went they only had a horse and a goat. Now the zoo has included chickens. The children can feed the chickens corn meal along with the goats. The zoo is apparently trying to raise awareness for backyard chickens and was handing out chicken coop designs. I am thinking they are doing this, since Indiana passed a new law, where people can raise chickens in their backyard. I think it is a good ideal, since it gives people more options, when trying out different pets to raise. It I had space in my apartment in Chicago, I would be the first to try this out.

After checking out all the enclosures, none of them needed to be redone. They did a pretty good job, which is usually the case with Potawatomi. The zoo is considerable smaller than Brookfield, but it does have its own unique spin that makes it an excellent zoo to check out if you are ever in the area.  They also have wine walks at the zoo, called the Zoo Brew, on certain days, which you can turn into a cool date night.